OIO The Game

Platformer made by the indie french Studio Uncanny Games.

As he wakes up in a strange universe made of wood, OIO finds that all his wooden companions are petrified. But OIO has a special power : he can grows kind of “wooden beams” by throwing seeds. These beams can be used in different ways, mixing classic platform gameplay and puzzle situations.

Made with Unity 3D


  • “poetic atmosphere, a nice level design, very fun gameplay ideas and you get an obviously high quality title.” – GameSideStory.com
  • “OIO is a fantastic platform-puzzler” – Gamezebo.com
  • “a dreamlike universe which it is difficult to tear” – Jeuxvideo.com
  • “a clever puzzler with truly gorgeous art” – IGN.com


  • Programming : Physics, Level Design tools, Leaderboards…
  • Optimization (rendering, audio)
  • Q.A. and Game balance